Monday thru Friday

 12 AM    Specials

5:30 AM  Turning Point
                   Dr. David Jeremiah

6 AM        Leading the Way
                  Michael Youssef

6:30 AM   Grace to You
                   Jon MacArthur

7 AM         Insight for Living
                   Chuck Swindoll

7:30 AM   Focus on the Family
                    Jim Daly

8 AM         In-Touch
                     Dr. Charles Stanley

8:28 PM   Family News in Focus

8:30 AM    Love Worth Finding
                    Adrian Rogers

9 AM          Thru the Bible
                     J. Vernon McGee

9:30 AM    Open                       

10 AM       Southwest Radio 
                     Dr.Noah Hutchings

10:30 AM   Open

11 AM          Open

11:15 AM   Concepts of Faith
                       Charles Capps

11:30 AM  Enjoying Everyday
                      Joyce Meyer

11:45 AM Soul Fillin 

12 PM       Turning Point
                     Dr. David Jeremiah

12:30 PM   Truth for Life
                    Alistair Begg

1 PM         Financial issues
                     Michael Hamilton

1:30 PM   2 Lights Media

2 PM         Grace to You
                    John MacArthur

2:30 PM   Living on the Edge
                    Chip Ingram

3 PM       Crystal River - Live

4 PM       Leading the Way
                   Michael Youssef

4:30 PM  Basic Gospel
                   Bob Christopher &
                   Bob Davis

5 PM       In Christ Radio
                   Ben Martinez

5:30 PM  Red Horse Radio
                   Jeff McCreight

6 PM      Open

6:30 PM Family Talk
                  Dr. James Dobson

7 PM      Know the Truth
                  Philip DeCourcey

7:30 PM Adventures in Odyssey

8 PM       Open

9 PM       Unshackled - MTTF

9:30 PM Family Life Today
                  Dennis Rainey

10 PM   Grace to You - TWTF
                 John MacArthur

10:30 PM Back to the Bible
                     Woodrow Kroll


10 PM       Solid Foundations
                    Pastor Marvin                                    Wynne


8 PM       Isaiah 61 Ministries

                Pastor Rudy Cervantiez


9 PM        Layman
                  Truitt Smith


12 AM     Specials

6 AM        Special

6:30 AM  Grace to You
                  John McArthur

7 AM       Open

7:30 AM  Open

8 AM       Open

8:30 AM  Leading the Way
                  Michael Youssef

9 AM       Thru the Bible Q&A
                  Dr. J. Vernon

9:30 AM  Open

10 AM     Born Again
                  Javier Juarez

10:45 AM Word Of Wisdom
                    Iesha Sims

11 AM     The Word of God Is                             Faithful
                   Carolyn Brown &
                   Don Salinas

12 PM - 2 PM

3 PM       Heavens Jubilee or 
                The Oldgospal Ship

5 PM       Sports Spectrum

6 PM - 8 PM

9 PM       The Rock
                  Wendy Sabatini


12 AM     Specials

6 AM       Open

6:30 AM  Grace to You
                  John McArthur

7 AM       In Search of the 
                  Lord's Way
                  Mack Lyon

7:30 AM   Let My People Think
                   Dr. Ravi Zacharias

8 AM        Spreading the Word
                   Buck Nicholson

8:30 AM   Bethany Baptist 
                   Aaron Denson

9 AM        From His Heart
                   Jeff Schreve

9:30 AM   Leading the Way
                   Michael Youssef

10 AM  Open     

11 AM      Truth for Life
                   Alistair Begg

11:30 AM  New Hope Baptist
                    - Live
                    Billy Moten Jr.

12:30 PM  OPEN

1:30 PM    OPEN

2 PM         OPEN

3 PM         Faith Healing 
                    Gary Stephenson                              & Robert McRee

3:30 PM    OPEN

4 PM        Higher Ground
                   David Graves

4:30 PM - 8 PM     Open

9 PM        Sunday Sermons
                   Dr. J. Vernon

9:45 PM   Open

10 PM - 12 AM